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Friday, December 9, 2011

Blaq Blood's live performance @ UP -Palamente

It was a good day for the STREETs, when Blaq blessed the masses with some of his signature tracks like palamente, a highly political track which addresses real issues. He's not pissed off at the Govenment or nuffin he jus sees how they playin' us and to show he's a happy chappy, he also delivers a message to the ladies,or was it to his lady?only he can answer that, The Track is called Nna le wena and features on the hook, Kutlwano, on the day though he had his boi with him, Mkakati Mrappa Boy Peza..

Checkout the Videos plus an extra freestyle an do leave comments...

Keep it STREET...

Blaq Blood - Palamente

Blaq Blood wit Boy Peza - Nna Le wena

Blaq Blood - Freestyle

Mr. DoBest settin' it off at I am Still Music Tour

He is one of SA’s best hip-hop DJs, with the ability to give kwaito DJs a Run for their money. He goes by the name of DJ OZ AKA Mr. DoBest and His time is now. We could start by telling tales about how he fell in love with Hiphop and DJing while he lived in Switzerland but you already read about that in our previous post...Fast Forward to NOW. Currently he is part of the lil’ Wayne’s “I’m still Music tour” as part of the DJ clique “Dope Jocks” which consists of 2 other dope DJs, DJ Zee and DJ Hudson. Besides doing the full Weezy tour,yep full tour, meaning he'll be playing at all 5 shows( he killed capetown already and tonite he's at the Dome), he was also part of the Trey Songz tour and has his own radio show on VowFM called The Total Package (TTP).

Some of the Clubs he plays at include: The Bank, Latinova, FTV Brooklyn, ZAR, and Icon amongst others. When asked if he considered himself the best, his response was “nah, I just DoBest”....read between the lines and we’ll see you at the next DJ OZ set.
Lookout for his I AM MUSIC MIXES cumin' soon!!!

For bookings: bookings@streetknowledge.co.za

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DeeJayOz

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Best Hiphop DJ Period

He goes by the name DJ OZ aka Mr. DoBest or just simply OZ. He has been in the game for a minute now,causing havoc on the dance floor with each set.It is madd safe to say he's probably the most Talented youngin in the game and I dont just mean in South Africa but the world as a whole.

If I had to answer a question like Wat sets DJ Drama or any other well known DJ and Oz apart, my Answer would be nuffin except that Oz is probably more talented and the other DJS just got their break...

If you wanna contest the fact that OZ is the Best then Checkout the Link Below,Download his mix titled Flashing lights and Halla at your Boi....


Street Knowledge

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Abattoir Music Video

Courtesy of Cascade Music...

Shoutout to ReasonIIRhyme....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Da-Brain Offers the Masses Hausutra Vol. 1

Relatively unknown to the main stream, the young Prince of Deep House, Da-Brain has finished working on his mixtape, well 9 to be exact and he's ready to offer it to the masses. In his own words, he says "It's time to play House".

It should be noted that this mixtape is not for the Faint hearted, so please listen at your own Risk as it is contagious.

Stay Tuned for an upclose with the young Prince and for all your bookings please contact us @ mail@streetknowledge.co.za

Lets Play House....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am Blaq Blood

Born and Bred in Mamelodi, Pretoria this lyrically versatile microphone fiend is known to many by this stage name of Blaq Blood (Jakalase). His love for hiphop was provoked in 94 after hearing a track by coolio. Six years later he wrote his first of poetry piece trying to express his feelings for one of the girls in his neighborhood; from there writing became second nature as he found comfort in expression through poetry.

It wasn’t long until he grabbed the mic for the very first time at function in high school. The street still knew how to reach him getting inspiration from people like RUD, Nasty Joe and Vandalizer. In grade nine young Blaq wrote his first hip hop verse, a year later he had quarter of his school mates in the game. From 2003 to 2005 like a dog unchained he ran the streets of Mamelodi invading ciphers and poetry sessions. After getting High school outa the way, he put on his hustle suit, expanded his game, started lacing tracks and attended serious shows. Dr Bullet proof introduced the young Hustler to a whole knew sound that navigated his movement from thereon. Direction became evident when Blaq blood performed at the Pretoria show ground where he shared the stage with press, which was when he went in to ukhozi FM shows. He got the chance to perform at the inkhathazo 2 annual Mamelodi music poetry concert.

His greatest highlight was when he performed at club 55 in Pretoria. The future seemed his for the taking when he linked up with some of his boys to form a group called Black listed, the quickly started working on a single, getting to understand his voice better towards the mic. After few months he became a regular at sessions called Azania seed poetry sessions in Mamelodi. Due to the noise he was making, he got the attention of street knowledge entertainment, an up and coming Entertainment Company.

As a member of the knowledge family he started putting in work on their first mixtape in preparation of his debut album. Having recorded a few tracks, he invaded house 22 where he tore the roof off. Back in Mamelodi he disturbs the peace at class extreme every Thursdays. Recently toured with the Reosen and rhyme to Soshanguve and mabopane where he left the crowd screaming for more of that Blaq blood. With for tracks done for the street knowledge ENT mixtape, the question remains: R u Ready for JAKALASE..

Blaq Blood is currently puttin' the final touches to his first offering, for now u can bump some of his tunes right here on our Blog...Stele

Bookings: bookings@streetknowledge.co.za
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/89439575172/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/blaq.blood1
reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/control_room/604220#!/StreetKnowledgeEntertainment